Patrol Bureau

Captain Eben Bratcher

Patrol Commander
(928) 783-4427

Captain Eben Bratcher

Captain Eben Bratcher came to work for the Sheriff's Office on January 17, 1993. Prior to that, he was a Law Enforcement Explorer Scout and also served as a Reserve Deputy until he was hired full time.

Captain Bratcher quickly promoted through the ranks of Corporal, Sergeant, Watch Commander, Lieutenant and Captain. Through the years he has served on the Special Response Team, the Critical Accident Response Team, as a traffic enforcement officer and in patrol. He also completed an assignment in Internal Affairs with the Office of Professional Responsibility.

Captain Bratcher attended and successfully completed the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Class 223 in 2005 in Quantico, Virginia.

Captain Bratcher served as commander of the Patrol bureau from 2004-2014, and as such was in charge of all uniformed and non-uniformed law enforcement operations, including the Yuma County Narcotics Task Force.  Captain Bratcher also oversaw all support functions of the Patrol Bureau to include the Evidence Section, the Communications Section, the Office of Professional Responsibility and the Office of the Medical Examiner Investigator.

In November 2014, Captain Bratcher accepted a new position within the Sheriff’s Office as Jail Commander. As the Jail Commander, Captain Bratcher was in charge of all jail operations and staff.

In January 2017, Captain Bratcher transitioned back to the Patrol Bureau and assumed command of all law enforcement operations.