Patrol Bureau
The Patrol Bureau is located at the Yuma County Sheriff's Office, Main Office.

YCSO Main Office
141 S. 3rd Avenue
Yuma, AZ 85364
Tel: (928) 783-4427
Directions to YCSO Main Office

Lobby Hours:
8:00 AM-5:00 PM (excluding holidays)

The YCSO has five substations throughout Yuma County, however, the Foothills Substation is the only substation that is manned on a full-time basis (Monday-Friday) and offers most of the services that are available at the YCSO Main Office in Yuma.

Our Mission
The mission of the Patrol Bureau is to protect and serve the community of Yuma County through patrol, education, training and other community involvement that reduces or eliminates criminal activity, teaches crime prevention, and encourages residents to enjoy safe homes and neighborhoods.

YCSO Patrol Districts
Six squads patrol the Yuma valley, the mesa, and South County to the Mexican border. To date, the Sheriff's Office has five substations throughout Yuma County.
  • District One is south of the Colorado River to County 10th Street including everything east of Avenue A to Avenue 7E (North of County 10th Street); and south of County 10th Street to County 17th Street including everything east of Avenue A to Avenue 8E. District One also includes area north of the Colorado River, east of the Quechan Indian Reservation. The area is commonly referred to as “the island”.

  • District Two is south of the Colorado River to County 15th Street including everything west of Avenue A to the Colorado River.

  • District Three is south of County 15th Street to the Mexico border including everything east of the Colorado River to Avenue A. District Three includes everything south of County 17th Street to the Mexico border, east of Avenue A to Avenue 8E.

  • Foothills District includes everything south of Mittry Lake, north of County 10th Street and east of Avenue 7E to Avenue 8E; and everything east of Avenue 8E to the Gila Mountains and south of County 10th Street to the Mexico border.

  • District Four is everything north of Mittry Lake to the county line which includes Martinez Lake, Hidden Shores, YPG, and the Kofa Wildlife Refuge. The west boundary is the Colorado River.

  • District Five is everything east of the Gila Mountains to the Maricopa/Pima County line and south to the Mexico border.

Patrol Bureau Departments
The Patrol Bureau includes the following departments:

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Specialty Units
The Yuma County Sheriff's Office has several specialty units that receive specialized training.

Boating Safety & Enforcement Unit
Boating Safety Deputies (the “Boat Patrol”) patrol the Martinez Lake area and the Colorado River from the southern end of Yuma County to the northern border of Yuma County at the La Paz County line.

Criminal Investigations Bureau
The Criminal Investigations responds to all major crimes and investigates commercial and residential burglaries in the unincorporated areas of the County.

Livestock Crimes Unit
The Livestock Crimes Unit was formed in July 2012 to assist the Arizona Department of Agriculture with investigating cruelty, abandonment and stray cases involving livestock in Yuma County.

Motor Unit
In September 1999, the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety approved a grant request for the purchase of a motorcycle for the Traffic Unit. The Sheriff’s Office purchased its first Road King Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle in May 2000 and the first officer ever for the Sheriff’s Office attended motorcycle school in Phoenix, Arizona.

In June 2000, the  Motor Officer was assigned to the Foothills area for proactive enforcement. In addition, selective enforcement details are conducted in heavy traffic or problem areas as needed throughout the County. Currently, two motor officers make up the Sheriff's Office Motor Unit.

Yuma County Narcotics Task Force
The mission of the Yuma County Narcotics Task Force is to provide all citizens of Yuma County a comprehensive, coordinated narcotics enforcement unit composed of local, state, federal resources and personnel. Through the professional investigation, apprehension, and conviction of street and mid-level drug violations as well as community education to deter future violations; the unit will strive to reduce drug related crimes thus improving the quality of life for all residents of Yuma County.

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