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Phone: (928) 783-4427


10:00 AM, September 10, 2013

Sheriff's Office On-Line Auction


Location of Incident: Yuma County Sheriff's Office

In an effort to reduce costs to the tax payers of Yuma County, the Sheriff’s Office is now auctioning seized vehicles via an on-line auction site. An on-line auction will have several benefits to both tax payers and the Sheriff’s Office.  Prior to the on-line auction, the Sheriff’s Office would store the vehicles for a year or longer waiting for the next auction. In addition to storage cost the vehicles would have to be maintained in a running condition in an effort to increase revenues from the auction. Auctioning a seized vehicle on-line as soon it is available will save tax payer money in a reduction of storage fees and maintenance costs. The vehicles currently on the site were all seized from drug dealers. The revenue from the auctions will be used by the Sheriff’s Office to continue to fund the Yuma County Narcotics Task Force in an ongoing effort to reduce drug related crime in Yuma County. Citizens are continued to be encouraged to report suspected narcotics activity to the Sheriff’s Office.  

The Sheriff’s Office will be adding additional vehicles as they become available. Future auctions may also include other seized or abandoned items along with fleet vehicles.

To see the current auctions, please visit,az/list/current?orgid=161872  or go to the Sheriff’s Office web site at  and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Information Released By: Sgt. K. Sanders