Contact: Captain Eben Bratcher, Lt. Darren Simmons, Deputy Roxanne Meyer or Alfonso Zavala
Phone: (928) 783-4427
DR# 2013-26291

3:00 PM, March 27, 2013

Credit Card Fraud

Location of Incident: Parrish's Bar & Grill, 11732 S. Fortuna Road, Yuma, AZ

On 3/19/2013, the Yuma County Narcotics Task Force arrested Pasquale Menyhert, 31, on drug charges after a search warrant was served on a hotel room in which Menyhert was staying. During that search, several items of evidence were recovered which indicated Menyhert may have been involved in fraudulent schemes involving credit cards. Sheriff's Office Investigators were notified and initiated an investigation into the potential fraud.

On 3/26/2013, Sheriff's Office Investigators arrested Laurie Adey, 42, of Yuma, after it was determined she was involved in multiple counts of credit card fraud along with Pasquale Menyhert. Investigators had discovered that between January of 2013 and approximately March 25th, Laurie Adey, while employed as a waitress at Parrish's Bar & Grill, had stolen multiple credit card numbers and security codes from customers. She is then believed to have given the stolen card information to Menyhert who used that information to make fraudulent purchases.

Laurie Adey was booked into jail on felony charges of fraudulent schemes, credit card fraud, and identity theft. Additional charges of fraudulent schemes, credit card fraud and identity theft have also been added to Pasquale Menyhert who remains in custody at the Yuma County Jail on the original drug charges.

There are believed to be a potential of up to 20 victims in this case, all of which are believed to have been customers at Parrish’s Bar & Grill between January and March 2013. Anyone who has discovered fraudulent charges on their credit card after having been a patron at Parrish's Bar & Grill is asked to contact Investigator McDade of the Yuma County Sheriff's Office at 783-4427 or 819-2206.

Pasquale Menyhert
Pasquale Menyhert
Laurie Adey
Laurie Adey