Visitation Information 

In 2020, the Yuma County Detention Center made a significant change to the inmate visitation policy by transitioning from in-person visitations to video visitations exclusively. This policy change has resulted in a 6,550% surge in inmate visitations.

The enhancement to the visitation policy has not only streamlined the process, but has also brought numerous advantages to both the Detention Center and the inmates. One of the key advantages of video visitations is the increased opportunities for inmate interactions with their loved ones. Prior to the implementation of the new policy, inmates were limited to two visits per week (depending on risk level) and limited to two visitors per visit. Now, the new policy allows inmates to enjoy unlimited visitations and also enables visitors to connect with their incarcerated loved ones from the comfort of their homes without restrictions on the number of visitors. Video visitation is especially beneficial for family and friends who live far away, saving them time and travel expenses. Moreover, it offers inmates the opportunity to engage with their entire family simultaneously, making occasions like holidays more inclusive and meaningful.


Visitation Information

Video Visitation
Video visitations are available via Combined Public Communications through their affiliate Tech Friends. To create an account or for further information, please contact JailATM at

Professional Visits
Professional visits pertain to attorneys or other approved legal visitors, law enforcement officials, clergy and program representatives. If you are not certain if you meet the criteria for a professional visit or if you would like to schedule a professional visit, please contact the Visitation Office at (928) 539-7841 or via e-mail at

Professional Visitation Times: Professional visits may be scheduled MondayFriday between the hours of 7:45 AM–5:00 PM. NOTE: No visits will be scheduled between the hours of 2:00–3:30 PM.

  • Non-Contact Visitation: All professional visitors, with the exception of attorneys requesting a non-contact visit, must schedule a visitation appointment one day in advance.

  • Contact Visitation: Requests for contact visitations shall be approved based on specific criteria, including but not limited to:

    • The need for an interpreter, investigator, or other court-related expert.
    • The use of media equipment.
    • The needs of the professional visitor directly related to the visit.

  • Additional Identification Requirements: In addition to a valid government picture identification, professional visitors may be asked to present professional credentials such as an Arizona State Bar Association identification card, provider identification card, law enforcement credentials, private investigator's license, interpreter certification card, etc.

For more information...

Contact the Visitation Office.

Yuma County Detention Center
Visitation Office
Tel: (928) 539-7841

Office Hours:
7:30 AM–5:00 PM (excluding holidays)

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