Detention Bureau

The Yuma County Detention Center is a maximum-security facility designed to receive, process and house inmates who are detained prior to trial, as well as inmates in different phases of the criminal justice system. The Detention Center also houses inmates sentenced by County and City courts. The facility has a rated capacity of 756 inmates.

During 2023, the average daily population was 423 which reflects an 7.03% decrease over the 2022 average daily population of 455. With respect to the female inmate population, 2023 reflected a 2.67% increase over 2023. In addition, the average daily number of juvenile inmates in the system reflected a no change  over 2022 and comprised less than 1% of the total inmate population. Click link for inmate composition: 2023 Inmate Population Composition

While the number of juveniles in the system was inordinately small compared to the regular population, the impact was disproportionately great. Juvenile offenders require close supervision. They require extra staff to address special management and program issues. Juveniles must be separated from adult inmates by “sight and sound.” They must be provided with the opportunity to attend a school taught within the facility, they must be afforded daily exercise, and their unique nutritional needs must be met.


Our Mission

It is the mission of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Detention Bureau to provide for the safety and security of people who are arrested, awaiting trial and people sentenced to the custody of the Sheriff.

Detention Bureau Departments

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Detention Bureau is comprised of the following departments: Click link for printer friendly Detention Bureau Organization Chart (PDF)
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